Porta Caribe
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Porta Caribe, the southern region of Puerto Rico, is a rarely explored area of the island holding many diverse attractions. A trip to the south can begin by visiting the region’s economic and cultural center, otherwise known as the City of Ponce. Dubbed the “Pearl of the South,” Ponce (founded in 1692) is a major cosmopolitan and cultural hub in Puerto Rico. This architecturally rich city houses several museums worth exploring.

Several smaller, waterside towns nestled at the foot of mountain ranges and valleys, extend visitors many opportunities to explore little-known cultural attractions that stand out in this tropical beach setting. Port Caribe compounds fifteen municipalities: Ponce, Patillas, Arroyo, Guayama, Salinas, Aibonito, Coamo, Santa Isabel, Juana Diaz, Villalba, Jayuya, Peñuelas, Guayanilla, Adjuntas and Yuaco.

Throughout the region, Porta Caribe offers world-class fishing excursions, fine dining, golf by the sea at spectacular golf courses, and quaint accommodations.

  1. "Charco Azul" - Carite National Forest
  2. Caja de Muertos Island
  3. Casa Cautiňo Museum
  4. Cemi Museum and Written Stone
  5. La Cruceta del Vigía & Japanase Garden
  6. La Guancha Boradwalk
  7. Hacienda Buena Vista
  8. Historic Firehouse
  9. Serrallés Castle
  10. Tibes - Native Indian Museum

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